Parish People

12 Parish Councillors are elected for a four year term.  The last election was in May 2019 when 10 Parish Councillors were elected; 2 further Parish Councillors have since been co-opted.

Current Parish Councillors are:

Glen Brooks,  The Rectory, The Street, Somerleyton
Claire Diggins,
 1 Pond Cottages, Somerleyton 730762
Nick Favell, 3 The Common, Somerleyton 731467
Jamie Foster,
Pond Farm, Herringfleet 01493 488165
Gerda Gibbs (Vice Chairman), Common Cottage, Somerleyton 732200
Maureen Gibbs
, 2 Widows Cottages, Somerleyton 730526
Paul Johnson, Garden House, Slugs Lane, Somerleyton 730950
Neil Livingstone (Chairman), Crown House, The Street, Somerleyton 730610
Tom Pace, 15, Morton Peto Close, Somerleyton 731893
Simon Phillips, 1 Station Cottages, Somerleyton 731795
Chris Reynolds, 5 Marsh Lane, Somerleyton 730120
Bob Wild, 8 Morton Peto Close, Somerleyton 731469

Planning Committee: Simon Phillips, Bob Wild (Chairman), Chris Reynolds, Claire Diggins & Paul Johnson

Environment & Green Matters
Parish Councillor Maureen Gibbs
Information & Advice Parish Councillors Gerda Gibbs & Simon Phillips

Trustees appointed to the following bodies by the Parish Council:
Somerleyton Award Charity & Poors & Anguish’s Charity:  Julie Reynolds, Ingrid North & David Cook
Somerleyton Community Association:   David Cook

In order that Parish Councils may be seen to be transparent in their decisions Parish Councillors are required to register their pecuniary interests with the District Council and to declare these interests at Parish Council meetings when subjects which may have some bearing on those interests are discussed.  East Suffolk Council maintains an online register of the declared interests of Parish Councillors which may be viewed here  (note that our parish is called Somerleyton Ashby & Herringfleet on this website).