Minutes and Reports

On this page you will find links to:

  • Minutes of the Parish Council meetings of the last 2 years
  • Minutes of the last two Annual Parish Meetings
  • Copies of reports and papers submitted to Parish Council meetings

4th July              Agenda    Clerks Report   AIWG Report     Quarterly Financial Report                        
16th May          Minutes    Agenda     Clerks Report   Quarterly Financial Report     Annual Accounts     Asset Register     Annual Governance Statement       Accounting Statement     Certificate of Exemption     Significant Differences              
7th March         Minutes    Agenda      Clerk’s Report      Financial Risk Assessment and Management 2019-2020  
10th January       Minutes     Agenda     Clerk’s Report     Quarterly Financial Report     Precept estimates 2019-2020    
1st November     Minutes     Agenda     Clerks Report    Quarterly Financial Report           
6th September    Minutes    Agenda     Clerks Report     Reports for Defibrillator & Assets     Letter Station Lights     SCA Planning     
5th July                 Minutes      Agenda      Clerks Report      Quarterly Financial Report     
10th May (AGM)  Minutes     Agenda    Clerks Report     Quarterly Financial Report     Annual Accounts     Annual Return Governance     Annual Return Accounts     Annual Return Exemption Cert     Significant Differences Summary     Asset Register  
9th March          Minutes      Agenda    Clerks Report    Financial Risk Assessment and Management 2018-2019         
11th January      Minutes     Agenda    Clerks Report    Quarterly Financial Report    Precept estimates 2018-2019   

2nd November   Minutes   Agenda     Clerks Report    Quarterly Financial Report    Village Shop Working Group Report      
7th September   Minutes     Agenda   Clerks Report  Response to First Draft Local Plan Sep 2017     Financial Risk Assessment and Management 2017-18
6th July                Minutes    Agenda   Clerks Report   Quarterly Financial Report  
10th May (AGM) Minutes    Agenda   Clerks Report   Quarterly Financial Report   Annual accounts   Assets 2017   Annual Return Section 1   Annual Return Section 2     
3rd March           Minutes   Agenda    Clerks Report    Community Right to Bid & Assets of Community Value-1 
12th January       Minutes    Agenda   Clerks Report   Quarterly Financial Report 2016-17   Precept estimates 2017-18   PO Planning App Jan 2017   PO Planning App Savills Jan 2017

Annual Parish Meetings
18 May 2017
19 May 2016

Copies of the Minutes of earlier meetings are available by emailing parish.clerk@ashvillages.org.uk